Jaden Aluminium Windows

In 1982 Rob Barrington - Director of Jaden, brought Jaden Aluminium Windows and has developed the company into one of Victoria's leading aluminium window manufacturers.

Rob Barrington has been involved in the building industry for over 35 years. After completing an Economics degree at Monash University he established his own building company, specialising in home renovations. He has a very much hands on involvement, which led to his knowledge and understanding of construction.

Jaden's growth has been the result of meeting the client's needs at every stage of a project with a commitment to service and quality.

In the 1990's Jaden developed another, but quite distinct, aspect of the building industry. Robert had seen timber ornamental architectural mouldings used effectively in interior design in the US and began importing the mouldings to Australia. Today Jaden Ornamental Timber Mouldings is supplying architects, renovators and interior designers with decorative timber mouldings; can be purchased online or direct from the Melbourne showroom.
Vistit Jaden Ornamental Timber Mouldings website.

Rob still values the importance of his hands on approach to the business and is readily available to speak to his clients. Today, though, he is supported by a professional team who have been with Jaden for many years, and who also maintain the company's dedication to quality and customer service.

Jaden Aluminium Windows carrying out projects as diverse as multi-floor glass curtain walls, frameless glass door entries, double glazing and powered door systems.

Installations include apartments, shop fronts, offices and all commercial/residential developments. Jaden aluminium delivers high quality aluminium door and window modules with unique design advantages, on time and on budget. We encourage architects and builders to consult with our team before detailed design. In this way every client will have a full understanding of options available to them, and with professional advice will be able to select the best products to suit their particular needs.

The Jaden team handles small and large job with equal ease, bringing to each project skilled design assistance, full custom fabrication and optional on-site installation.